Taking into account the closing times of the
suppliers when making further planning

Starting Position

Modern procurement processes are so strictly organized and, if possible, optimized to such a degree that there is barely any buffer time. As a result of the mechanical scheduling, based on the planned delivery times, some company holidays or the closing times of the suppliers or their logistics providers can be overlooked when completing the purchase requisitions. This can lead to problems, when the required materials are not delivered on time.


The SAP Standard Process

SAP does not offer the option to adjust the scheduling of the purchase requisitions to a previously defined supplier calendar in order to take into account company holidays or public holidays of other countries and cultures (Chinese New Year, Ramadan, etc.). For delivery schedules the functionality is implemented, however, currently no implementation in ECC for the purchase requisitions has been planned.


Optimizing the in-house production and replenishment time by abilis

Our add-on allows for rescheduling of the delivery dates and the release dates in accordance with a predetermined calendar. As soon as the processing has been finished, a personalized exception message is shown in the material planning list. As a basis of the calculation are taken not only the release and delivery dates, but also some transit time, which should be separately defined. Thus, the divergent closing times of the suppliers and the logistics companies can be displayed. If the analysis has been performed, the tool shows all the purchase requisitions, whose data is yet to be processed. Thereby, the current document files, as well as the new proposals, will be issued. Furthermore, there is information about the used factory calendar, which contains exception messages and the processing state of the respective purchase requisitions.

During the processing, the relevant parts/sentences are marked and collectively executed just with a click of the “adapt appointments”-button. In this way, the substantial processing can take place before the conversion of the purchase requisition and thus, errors will be avoided.


Scheduling of the purchase requisition in accordance with the supplier calendar by abilis

The product comes with a simple customizing option. On the level of the supplier/purchasing organization, along with the transit time, you can add also a separate factory calendar in order to calculate the delivery and issue date. Furthermore, you can assign self-defined exception messages, which will be issued in the scheduling list, if you use the tool for editing. All the relevant jumps to the SAP standard transactions (show purchase requisitions, supplier or material) are available in the product.

Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare
Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare

Your Benefits


Time saving: No manual editing of the appointments when scheduling the purchase requisition


Error reduction: Exclusion of manual errors when scheduling the purchase requisition


Control of the deliveries: Option for a selective distribution of the deliveries throughout the week


Personal contact person: Consultation and implementation with your personal experts

Scheduling of the purchase
requisition in accordance
with the supplier calendar

From 6.490,- €

Plus an annual maintenance fee in the amount of 19%.

The coding is optimized also for the SAP HANA database. As part of the maintenance, the SAP add-on will be further developed on a regular basis. Therefore, within the maintenance contract it will be upgraded for the use of S/4HANA, thus being available to you at any time.

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