Automatic update of your preference rules in
case of customs amendments

Starting Position

The preference calculation is playing an increasingly important role within the international trade business, which can be a crucial competitive advantage for a company. Thanks to one preference, the price for customers can be once again reduced. In this case, the single preference rules for the respective HS-Codes/Statistical goods numbers, which exist between the separate preference zones, play an important role.


Maintenance of the preference rules by abilis

As soon as the preference calculation is implemented in the SAP system, it is important that the HS-Codes/Statistical goods numbers, which are used in marketing, together with the preference zones, be taken care of. There can be around 100 preference rules, which can change over time. Therefore, there is no direct active communication on the part of the customs, but rather each company is responsible for itself, to check-up the updated preference rules in its system on its own. Since this whole process can mean a lot of work, abilis offers a regular check-up of the preference rules, used by one company. abilis can inform you if these have changed or if they have to be eventually updated.


abilis offers two types of maintenance:

  • Regular, automatic check-up of the used preference rules, as well as provided information about the changes which should be made
  • Regular, automatic check-up of the used  reference rules, implementation of the changes, as well as provided information that the changes have been made

Your Benefits


Always up-to-date: The preferece rules are regularly checked, so that you could always stay up-to-date with the customs law.


Completely automatic update: If requested, we can automatically make the changes within your SAP System, so you will not lose any time and expenses checking and changing your preference rules.


Legally, always on the right side: Thanks to these regular check-ups  of the preference rules and, if requested, also the automatic update within the system, you are always in the position, required for a correct preference calculation.

Maintenance of the Preference Rules

From 1.990,- € p.a.
(only information)

From 2.990,- € p.a.
(information and maintenance)

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