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In order to get customs tariff preference when importing goods, it is required that you have vendor declarations and preference determinations. The vendor issues a document, which certifies the origin of their goods, and this is namely the vendor declaration. The preference determination ascertains the proof of origin for goods produced in-house. Using a bill of material, the system evaluates the components purchased from a vendor that are used in an in-house manufactured product to determine whether they are originating or non-originating. If a product qualifies for preference, the client can profit from it, depending on the preferential agreements of the country, since the vendor can send them the exact product at a better price, without customs duty rate. For the vendors there is greater competitive advantage, in comparison to the companies, which cannot prove any preference.

The SAP Standard Process 

In SAP Standard it is possible not only to configure and carry out preference determination, but you can also create and request vendor declarations. Therefore, you are provided with the following functions:

  • Request / dun vendor declarations
  • Maintain vendor declarations
  • Compress vendor declarations
  • Carry out preference determination
  • Single determination
  • Collective determination
  • Create vendor declaration

The preference determination in the customer’s order effects the proof print of the
preference information on the order confirmation a.k.a. the invoice. However, the SAP
standard process imposes almost always considerable processing work. Vendor
declarations have to requested, dunned, stored, and the data has to be transferred and
organized in SAP. Moreover, the preference determination in SAP Standard very often
reaches its limits when there are customized determinations and for this purpose they
have to be carried out manually.

SAP Vendor Declaration & Preference Determination by abilis 

 We do not provide you only with the SAP Standard Process, so that you could perform complete preference determination in SAP. Additionally, we provide you with solutions, allowing for a more efficient customs processing. Thus, you save not only time and effort, but also expenses without forgoing essential competitive advantages and while fulfilling the customs obligation to provide supporting documents.

With the SAP preference determination you get the SAP default settings for preference determination and vendor declaration in SAP. Furthermore, with our add-on Extension to the SAP Preference Determination by abilis you can optimize the calculation in SAP. Thus, you could be able to cover in future the preferences of projects about project object lists and of orders, configured via the SAP variant configuration. Moreover, we provide solutions for materials with procurement type X for an automatic calculation and many more.

With the SAP add-on Automatic Request of Vendor Declarations by abilis you get the most efficient form of processing vendor declarations (vendor-based). With Adobe Interactive Forms you can request and dun purchase order items automatically per email. Checking and sending the vendor declarations is performed completely automatically. Vendor declarations can be, however, also requested in the single and/or the collective run.

The PDF file, which is sent, is inactive i.e. the vendor can enter and send the information directly in the PDF file. The PDF containing all the information will be sent after that to your SAP system, where the data will be automatically read and processed. Likewise, the vendor declarations will be attached in the document vault as proof of the material master or the purchasing info record, whereby archiving in paper form belongs already to the past. Moreover, there are many other functionalities which make working with vendor declarations significantly more efficient.

With the SAP add-on Automatic Creation of Vendor Declaration (customer-based) by abilis you have the opportunity to save/archive the vendor declarations, created for your customers, directly as PDF files. In addition, the SAP add-on has a selection/search screen, where you can search for already created vendor declarations with the criteria data, client, and material. Thus, you always have an overview which vendor declarations, for which customers, and for which materials you have already issued – an option, not possible in the SAP standard. You can show the vendor declarations in the aforementioned transaction directly as PDF files. Also, you have the possibility to automatically cancel them.

Your Benefits


Nearly complete automation: create, send, request and edit automatically vendor declarations


Automatic email sending: request, dun or display vendor declarations directly per email.


Enormous saving of time and expenses: Automatic registration of the data from the vendor declarations, sent by the suppliers, directly in the SAP system.


Efficient management: overview of all the results from the preference determination directly within the sales order


Paperless work: Automatic saving of the received and issued vendor declarations


More transparency: Overview of the sent and received vendor declarations in a separate transaction

SAP Vendor Declaration &
Preference Determination

Price on request

The product includes the option to calculate with the SAP preference determination also preferences for projects via project object lists as well as preferences for configured orders via the variant configuration.

The coding is also optimized for the SAP HANA database.

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