Mass Maintanance of the Info Record & Source List directly in SAP

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The maintenance of the info records can be rather time consuming depending on the number of files. Moreover, each price change can lead to the replacement of the most optimal supplier with a competitor one. That is why, it is important to keep the source list up-to-dated, so that an optimal procurement decision could be made.

The SAP Standard Process

The SAP Standard already offers some transactions for a mass maintenance of info records and source lists. With the help of a MEMASSIN transaction, you can edit, for example, the general data and the purchasing organizational data of the info records. Unfortunately, the transaction does not offer the possibility to simultaneously edit the conditions within the info record. These can be edited with the MEKP transaction. However, in both cases you have to select manually the fields, which are to be edited, and enter the respective data in advance. There is no option to insert info records with reference or respectively with their copy is not available.

As far as the maintenance of the source lists is concerned, there is the SAP Standard Transaction ME05. This transaction is, however, not able to determine the best suppliers. Instead, it takes care to evaluate all possible suppliers, based on the already existing info records. Therefore, you can keep all various constellations, for which there is an info record, in the source list, thus allowing the purchasing process. The essential functionality of the source list i.e. to limit the purchasing process from the most optimal for the company supplier cannot be used in this case. 

SAP SAP Purchasing
Info Record Cockpit by abilis

The Purchasing Info Record Cockpit by abilis combines the essential functionalities within one central transaction, thus providing a series of editing possibilities. With the Purchasing Info Record Cockpit by abilis you can create or update your info records by uploading an Excel template. Of course, the maintenance of conditions and staggered prices is also possible with the help of a separate file or by downloading the current info records and conditions. Moreover, you get a clear presentation of the condition status.

Furthermore, the automatic maintenance of the source lists according to your own predefined criteria is also possible. You can choose between two different possibilities when it comes to defining the best suppliers for you. These can be based on the best price, the shortest delivery time or on the evaluations. In case you choose the latter one, there are two options – taking into account either the overall score, or only the criteria which are relevant to you. As a result, the Purchasing Info Record by abilis enters the suppliers, who have been determined as the best option according to your criteria, into the source list. Thus, this partly automated process helps you to make the optimal procurement decision for your company. Of course, all the described processes can be tested in a simulation without you actually having to change any data. After every step there is a control mechanism which allows you to identify any possible incorrect entries.

Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare
Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare
Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare
Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare

Your Benefits


S/4HANA-ready: Works with SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA and SAP ECC


Info Record Upload: Maintain your info records by uploading just two Excel-Spreadsheets


Creation with template: Download one info record, which you can use as a template, based on which you could create any number of new info records


Deleting info records: You have the option to delete specific info records or/and their purchasing organization data


Transparency: Identify instantly expired info records


Maintenance of the source list: take into account different criteria like price, delivery time or reviews when choosing the best supplier


Error minimization: thanks to a number of plausibility checks during the data upload, the possibility to review the upload and the editing process within a single transaction, user errors can be minimized


Time saving: make the purchasing process more efficient thus improving the capacity of your employees, as well


Personal contact person: consultation and introduction to the use of the system with your personal experts

SAP Purchasing Info Record Cockpit 

From 12.990,- €

Plus an additional annual maintenance fee in the amount of 19%.

The coding is optimized also for the SAP HANA database. As part of the maintenance, the SAP add-on will be further developed on a regular basis. Therefore, within the maintenance contract it will be upgraded for the use of S/4HANA, thus being available to you at any time.

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