Easily copy the master data files in SAP

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Creating a copy of a material together with its dependent master data with a new material number causes an enormous workload in SAP. In order to be able to pass a purchasing or manufacturing process, one should transfer, together with many views of the master data, further files like purchasing info records, bill of materials, and working schedule plans. This whole process leads to enormous manual work, especially when a great number of materials are to be copied.

Material Photocopier by abilis

The material photocopier by abilis automizes these manual procedures to the largest extent. As a base of the processing is in any case the master data. From there, you can transfer all requested master data files of all organizational levels with minimal effort into a new, already existing or newly created material. If the views or the master files are already available, they will be skipped and won’t be changed. The selection takes place currently entirely by means of the current or the new material number. The latter can be proposed, upon request, according to a versioning concept/logic. The basis for this is to have the material number of the initial material. This can be easily mistaken with the addon /01 which is continuously incremented. However, the alternative input of another number is also possible. Inserting the material number from the clipboard is possible with one click. Beforehand, the tool checks first if the target material is already available. In this case, all the available master data files will be identified and issued. In an ALV-Grid it is shown which mater data files are already available and which can be inserted with the tool. The green checkmark symbolizes the already inserted master data files/views and the white ones those, which are still to be inserted.

With a double click you can open in a pop-up an overview of all relevant details, for example for which suppliers and for which delivery times source list entries have already been made.

Thus, each separate step within the tool can be checked in advance. Moreover, all relevant jumps from the pop-up into the original master data file are possible. The following master data files can be processed with the master data photocopier by abilis:


  • Material master data (basic data, purchase, marketing, disposition, prognosis, work
    preparation, production resource/tools, storage, warehouse management, quality
    management, accounting and calculation)
  • Bills of materials
  • Working schedules
  • Purchasing info records
  • Order books

Your Benefits


Simple operation: You have to only select the source and the target material. The tool takes on everything else.


Error minimization: Clerical mistakes during the manual transfer of a large number of data files will be avoided.


Time saving: The tool works in a fraction of the time required for the manual processing

SAP Material Photocopier 

From 19.900,-€

Plus an annual maintenance fee in the amount of 19%.

The coding is optimized also for the SAP HANA database. As part of the maintenance, the SAP add-on will be further developed on a regular basis. Therefore, within the maintenance contract it will be upgraded for the use of S/4HANA, thus being available to you at any time.

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