Customizable Overview of
Your Inflow and Outflow

Starting Position

It is not always easy in SAP to get an overview of the demand and stock situation. Usually, the transaction MD04 is mainly used in order to get an overview of the pending inflow and outflow of the materials. However,  there only the fixed in- and outflows are taken into account. During stochastic material planning it is possible to get order proposals, based on the predicted values, regardless of the current order situation.

In case of long replacement times, the delivery date of some components can be delayed. For that reason,it is relevant for the dispatch agent to know in advance which outflows to expect before they have become fixed.


The Solution: SAP Consumption Monitor by abilis

The consumption monitor by abilis gives you the opportunity to customize the display of the stock situation of one or more materials. Combine for example the daily, weekly or even monthly usages. If necessary, look at the single ones in order to get a more detailed overview. Moreover, the tool offers the opportunity to predict, in addition to the actual data, also the usage of all materials on the basis of past values and to compare it with the already created receipt elements.

Your Benefits


More materials: Observe the demand and stock situation of numerous materials simultaneously.


Summable according to your own preferences: Adjust the output to your current demands


Prognosis of the usages: Predict your future usages by means of all the forecasting methods integrated in SAP on the basis of past values

SAP Consumption Monitor

From 4.990,- € 

Plus an annual maintenance fee in the amount of 19%.

Requirement: SAP ERP ECC 6.0 EHP7 (Upgrade can be taken over by abilis upon request)

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