System-supported calculation of the in-house
produciton and replenishment lead time

Starting Position

Planned delivery times, in-house production and replenishment lead times are central information in every SAP system, when it comes, for example, to availability check or scheduling. These are, however, very often maintained just once and if at all – rarely updated. Moreover, those values are measured only in few cases, normally they are estimated approximately. This is the reason why the target dates, calculated by SAP, are very often false or why considerable inventory is unnecessarily built up. Therefore, qualified maintenance of all replenishment lead times is needed.

The SAP Standard Process

In order to maintain and calculate planned delivery times SAP has created the transaction WPDTC. The calculation of the in-house production and replenishment lead time is, however, not available in SAP Standard.

Optimizing the in-house production and
replenishement lead time by abilis

Our add-on allows for semi-automatic and fully automatic maintenance of the in-house production and replenishment lead times based on the actual past values. For both the inhouse production time and the replenishment lead time there are three processing options – in the dialogue, with worklist, and in batch-job. There is always the possibility to adjust the calculated values except in the batch-job. All changes to the master data list are stored on log charts, intended for this purpose. Moreover, special authorization objects are provided to differentiate between display authorization and change authorization. Thus, unwanted changes to the master data list can be avoided. When it comes to the inhouse production time the tool allows for the calculation of the actual times of each material and factory, based on past production orders.

The calculation can be made by means of different dates for the production order itself (actual date, basic date, and scheduled date). Further on, statistical codes will be shown so that the diversification of the order processing could be evaluated and the calculated result could be manually adjusted. For this purpose, there are the key values minimum, maximum, average, and standard. With a double click all single values, used for a calculation, will be shown in a separate pop-up. In this way, each calculation, performed by the tool, can be any time retraced. Finally, mass changes to the material master data files are possible just with a few clicks. 

Optimizing the replenishment lead time by abilis

The tool allows for further calculation of the total replenishment lead time for all BOM levels considering the respective master data files of all involved components (planned delivery time and in-house production time). Therefore, the longest possible path for the total BOM structure (the critical path) will be calculated. Additionally, calculating the replenishment lead time for the separate sales documents is also possible. In this case, the same calculation will be performed for the materials, which are in the position of the sales documents.

Thus, the latest possible delivery date could be quickly calculated. Just like in the case with the in-house production time, an ALV-output informs you about the currently maintained values, as well as the ones, which have just be determined. Upon request the critical path can be shown in a pop-up. In this way, it can be checked very quickly how exactly the total replenishment load time of the manufactured materials can be decreased. For this purpose, the delivery time for an already built-in component can be reduced or the inventory stock level can be strategically increased.

Your Benefits


Maintenance of the master data on the basis of the actual data


Reaction to alterations: React as quickly as possible to altered scheduled delivery times or in-house production times


Fully automated: The tool can be scheduled to follow the continuous alteration without any personnel cost


Time saving: Let the tool do all the calculations while all you do is make the decisions


Integration: Complete integration of the ABC/XYZ analysis by abilis


Fully integrated in SAP S/4HANA und SAP ECC

Optimizing the replenishment lead time 

From 4.990,- €

Plus an annual maintenance fee in the amount of 19%.

The coding is optimized also for the SAP HANA database. As part of the maintenance, the SAP add-on will be further developed on a regular basis. Therefore, within the maintenance contract it will be upgraded for the use of S/4HANA, thus being available to you at any time.

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