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Delivery plans are normally used in order to show long-term agreements with the suppliers and/or special situations due to large purchase quantities. They are immensely popular among the suppliers mainly because of their wide integration within the disposition and the possibility to use the electronic data exchange (EDI). Furthermore, they make it possible to reduce the warehouse inventories thanks to the long-term predictability for the suppliers and customers. However, the monitoring of the delivery plans is at least as important as their execution. Unused quantities, as well as delinquent deliveries should be quickly and easily identified, in order to ensure that the company will work as smoothly as possible.

The SAP Standard Process

The SAP Standard does not offer many useful opportunities when it comes to solving some major issues about the delivery plans. It is difficult to identify the remaining open quantities and the supply back orders are seen after a while. Furthermore, when frequently used, it can lead to some occasional, but very annoying inconsistencies in the system. For example, it may happen that some classifications in MD04 take inexplicable values or some deliveries remain MRP-relevant

Delivery Plan Monitor by abilis

The delivery plan monitor by abilis combines numerous useful functions, which are not
present in the SAP Standard:


  • It allows you to make a detailed monitoring of your delivery plans. Search specifically for open target quantities, open scheduled quantities, and delinquent quantities.
  • Take notes during the processing of the delivery plans which you can later be available for any future editing.
  • Moreover, you can easily create and send directly delivery expediters by mail or fax
  • Finally, your delivery plans will be examined on an on-going basis for inconsistencies, which could be fixed with the simple touch of a button. The access to all essential functions (display of the delivery plan, material, and supplier) is integrated directly in the output.
Selektionsmaske Lieferplan-Monitor

Your Benefits


Clearly arranged monitoring: Validate the master data using actual documents


Simple notice: Send notice from the transaction with one click


Control over inconsistencies: Identify the present inconsistencies and correct them with a few clicks


Adapting forms: Adapting the forms to your corporate design (header, footer, logo) is included in the price


Personal contact person: Introduction and consulting with your personal expert

Delivery Plan Monitor

From 4.990,- €

Plus an annual maintenance fee in the amount of 19%.

The coding is optimized also for the SAP HANA database. As part of the maintenance, the SAP add-on will be further developed on a regular basis. Therefore, within the maintenance contract it will be upgraded for the use of S/4HANA, thus being available to you at any time.

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