Automatic processing with interactive order
forms (AIFs) in SAP

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Order confirmations are an essential part of the work of the suppliers for the detailed planning of the incoming goods. However, this process is associated with enormous manual work among medium-sized companies. Confirmations are sent by the suppliers per post, mail or fax and have to be manually updated within the system. They can be partially adjusted by phone.

Depending on the process itself, this procedure may lead to a situation, where the agreements, made verbally, are not well documented or where the paper documentation has to be stored. In companies, where a large number of such confirmations are received and processed, this process often uses capacities, which are needed in the purchasing department.

The SAP add-on Automatic Order Confirmation via AIF (Adobe Interactive Forms) by abilis gives you a simple, yet completely automated possibility to handle this situation and to optimize the purchasing processes.

Automatic Order Confirmation via Adobe Interactive Forms (AIF) by abilis

With the automatic order confirmations via AIF (Adobe Interactive Forms) by abilis it is possible for you to provide per email your suppliers with interactive forms which can be edited directly in the .pdf format. For this purpose you need only one pdf-software (e.g. Adobe Reader). Sending works with a new type of messages which can be sent easily via the message determination in the SAP Standard. The system itself suggests the delivery schedule lines of the order as a template. Assuming that, it is possible to enter or edit confirmation numbers, dates, quantities or even prices, if requested. Moreover, all fields could be pre-set with suggested values from SAP.

Furthermore, schedule items can be attached and deleted any time. After the editing is done, you can get a confirmation directly from the pdf and send it back with one click from your standard email program to the SAP-System where it will be automatically edited. From there one you decide whether the received confirmations should be checked manually or whether they should be
automatically taken in the order itself within the pre-defined tolerances. If you choose the manual editing, you have many alternatives available. Apart from accepting the confirmation, you can send just with one click a refusal with a pre-defined text, either with or without a new confirmation form.

Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare
Customizing für das SAP AddOn Zusätzliche Mailempfänger für SAr SAP-Formulare

Your Benefits


Simple editing: Direct editing of the sent confirmation templates in Adobe Reader


Transparency: The whole flow of information remains transparent within a single transaction


Reduced workload: Leave the maintenance of the order confirmations to your suppliers. Check only those documents, which have any deviations from the predefined tolerance.


Error minimization: Operator errors can be minimized thanks to various plausibility checks when uploading the data, the possibility to manually check the inbound processing and the editing within a single transaction.


Time saving: Develope your purchasing processes more efficiently, thus increasing the capacity of your employees.


Archiving: There is no need to store paper documents anymore, since all the in- and outbound documents are available all the time.

Automatic Purchase Order Confirmation via AIF

From 12.490,- €

The product includes the purchase order form in your corporate design as a SAP Adobe Interactive Form, including logics and data acquisition from SAP ERP, the automatic processing within SAP ERP. Plus an annual maintenance fee in the amount of 19%.

The coding is optimized also for the SAP HANA database. As part of the maintenance, the SAP add-on will be further developed on a regular basis. Therefore, within the maintenance contract it will be upgraded for the use of S/4HANA, thus being available to you at any time.

Requirement: ADS-Server with customized credentials (the configuration can be taken over by abilis upon request) as well as cost-effective SAP Adobe Licences.

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